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Welcome to Mystical Moving Company

Mystical Moving Company is a licensed, professional NY & NJ based moving company that specializes in long distance and local moves on the East Coast and incorporates all the best techniques and procedures in the industry. When this is combined with the positive attitude we always espouse, it makes for a great experience for customers. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our clients and ensure a proper value for service. 

From the time you pick up your cell to call us to the time we pull off your driveway when the job is done, we ensure you feel comforted and satisfied with this moving journey.

One of the features that separate Mystical Moving from other companies is its guaranteed pricing feature. Our initial quote given to customers is always very close to the final price. This is because of a couple reasons.

One of them is that we conduct free in-person estimates for our jobs. It is challenging for many customers to give accurate inventory because they are sometimes overwhelmed as moving day gets closer. When come to your home before the job, we converse with you and inspect every inch of house to ensure we know what goes.

Another reason is the fact that we don’t mislead with our pricing. Most companies give a rate and when the job is finished, marks up the prices with costs like materials, tolls and extra travel time. Our initial rate accounts for all these factors and more. So even if we do seem more expensive at the outset, you at least have an honest estimate of what you’ll be expected to pay as compared to many other companies who would actually be more expensive than us when the job is done.

Whether you need assistance with long distance moving (our specialty), or local moving, or you need specific services like packing or unpacking, tv and audio installation and even garbage removal, we will take care of it. 

The experience and knowledge of the movers in this company matches up well against any in the tristate area. But we still dedicate at least 1 day per month where we rigorously train lifting techniques, safety protocols on the job, mechanic work and most of all customer satisfaction. This helps build our company name and our trustworthiness by you the customer.

With a couple exceptions, all of our crew members were born and raised in NYC and NJ. We’re familiar with terrain and therefore know the best routes to getting to and from one location. This also means we’re accustomed with many different backgrounds and cultures and that only aides in the customer service component. All these factors mean this moving company is ready for whatever you throw at us and will respond with the best possible solution.

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