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We charge either flat-rate or hourly rates for local moves. Both options will be made available to the customer. Flat rate may be cheaper for jobs with the zip codes far from each other or jobs with many flights of stairs, whilst hourly may be cheaper for smaller jobs going shorter distances. Either way, the emphasis on job quality and customer satisfaction will remain.

When we give quotes for moving, we charge separately for material and tolls. Every moving company receives compensation in some form for expenses they lay out. We will save you money however as we buy our material in bulk so we can pass on cheaper costs onto you. We are honest and transparent by telling the customer of these expenses before the job even begins so you get an understanding of the costs upfront.

Our drivers are very familiar with the five boroughs and so they’ll always fine the fastest route. In addition, because our crew spans the entire city, getting from point A to point B would never be an issue. We’ll navigate any weather, any roadblock or any difficult that may arise to complete the move in a timely manner.

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