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This could prove to be very challenging as many of these items are heavy and bulky. The safest bet is to dismount the equipment as much as is needed to minimize possible damage. We always use our experience as well as the owner’s manual to make our job easier. Our tech savvy mechanics will be careful with wires for the technology dependent exercise machines and will test at the end of the job to reassure you.

When we speak, we will give our recommendations for the best way forward. Some clients prefer to take apart fitness equipment themselves to save time and money, however we do mention that if we have didn’t take it apart, it’s most likely going to take more time to put together. Furniture slides and cardboard may be used to add protection to the floor and make it easier for the movers as well. We will find the best solution together.

Fitness Equipment we’ve moved in the past includes

- elliptical machine

- tonal machine

- dumbbells

- peloton bike

- exercise mats

- rowing machine

- power tower

- treadmill

- punching bag (ceiling)

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