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Our mechanics are very skilled at IT installations and are very quick and efficient at setting up at the new location. Whether it’s an 80 inch TV that has to be mounted to the wall or a complex speaker system for an audiophile, we have a big depth of experience in this arena


Televisions by and large are getting bigger, lighter and more fragile. That means it’s more cumbersome to safely transport.  We always ensure there is never any pressure on the screen and follow a delicate procedure when moving it. Before putting TVs on the wall, the crew talks to the client, makes suggestions and puts it the best place possible.

Mechanics mounting a television onto the wall


During the packing and loading phase, we treat the audio components like we do the television. Though it may not be as fragile, sound quality could be affected if the speaker and stereo systems aren’t properly bubbled wrapped and packed properly and safely. Unless told otherwise, we will replicate the audio setup at the new house. We will test it out to ensure the quality is the same and that you, the customer are very satisfied.

Speaker set
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