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Mystical Moving Company specializes in long distance moves in and out of New York City along the East Coast. Building the right connections has allowed us to receive premium truck and gas rates and pass those savings onto customers. In addition, our drivers are very experienced with long, cross-country moves (all have over 100 trips) and hence are more than equipped for any roadblocks or problems that may arise.

When going long distance, it is imperative that furniture is double wrapped with blankets and given higher level of protection. We pack the trucks with extra caution to ensure they will stay in great condition and also shrink wrap to avoid dust and dirt accumulation.

Even if you have a car that needs transporting across state lines, MMC could either connect you with the cheapest trailer companies, which is the safer and mileage efficient option, or have one of our crew members drive the car, which is the quicker and cost efficient option.

When going long distance, prices are more magnified than when travelling locally. Admittedly, using a trailer is on average cheaper than us. However, the headaches are numerous.

  1. Firstly, you are one of many customers on a trailer and there is a greater chance of your belongings missing or even stolen.

  2. Secondly, because of the various companies that handle your belongings when using a trailer, chances are higher your stuff will be damaged.

  3. Thirdly, prices are variable so if you budget for a certain amount, your bill is going to be a lot higher than the original estimate.

  4. Finally, the time it takes a trailer sometimes weeks or months because of the various stops they have to make and they fact they can’t leave until the trailer is full.   



Our competitive pricing ensures you’re guaranteed express shipping, an accurate quote and the fact your belongings arrive in a safe manner.

The following time estimations are based on the assumption one lives in New York City

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