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Mystical Moving Company, MMC is a small, family-owned moving company. This should serve added comfort because we optimize quality and professionalism for all of our services. This is because most of the larger, well-known moving companies are focused on quantity, whilst we are focused on quality. That is the reason that the company has had NO claims filed against it. Ensuring your belongings remain unaltered during the move, as well as customer satisfaction, is the number 1 priority.

We pride ourselves in being different from traditional moving companies. We don’t misleadingly give a cheap quote and charge 50 % higher at the end. We don’t spend $100 to buy material and then charge the customer $300. We strive in being ethical and doing right by you, the customer. This company doesn’t overbook itself to the point we are rushing from one job to the next. Our crew never leaves the site until the job is completed and you are satisfied with the logistics.

The experience in this company ranges from 5-25 years. We ensure our workers are trained with not only in mechanic work, wrapping furniture and proper lifting technique, but also to show eagerness and a can do attitude for customers no matter how dire or difficult the job. Everyone on the crew has worked for both commercial and residential companies and because of the various challenges involved through their years of experience, they can navigate any obstacle.

Mystical tries to be as personal as possible. For every job in NYC, we do in person walk-throughs. This allows us to build a better rapport with the customer and for a more accurate quote. We engage you in whatever queries you have, and our estimators all have backgrounds in logistics which allows for a smoother moving experience. Whilst you may be tempted to do this yourself, always remember safety first and that help is a phone call away. Moving costs have raised post covid, but even using professionals minimizes the chances of damage to the house, furniture and even you.

We are very active on Facebook and Instagram and you can follow us on those platforms. Both links are on the top and bottom of this page.

Call 929-345-9336 now for quality work and honest pricing

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