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Office/Commercial moving offers an extra layer of difficulty in that in involves hundreds of people over multiple floors in many cases. Clients trying to fit the move at a price that their budget can afford, the heavy volume of items to be moved and in many cases a rush against time. That’s where our logistics experts come in. We’ve been able to attract talented logistics specialists that give realistic expectations of the time and the new setup. They have patience with the clients and they’ll keep a rapport even outside work hours if need be to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

This company takes extra care of all IT equipment as our technicians work hand in hand with the mechanics. We setup the move in such a way as to maximize the business’ capacity to keep running at an optimal level during the transitioning phase. This is done by doing a deep study into the floor plan and seeing the how to optimally setup at the new location.

Mystical offers some of the most competitive rates for liquidations. We get cheap deals at recycling plants and at the material store for commercial bins and shrink wrap and so pass those savings to our business clientele. We try to be as time efficient and professional as possible to move onto the next obstacle.

Commerical movers transporting table

Commercial Movers

The depth of skill and experience of our commercial movers, drivers, foreman and project managers are as competitive as any moving company in NYC or NJ

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